About CloudAvail

CloudAvail Technology Consulting is a boutique San Francisco based consulting company, typically focused on solving scaling, availability and deployment problems. We work primarily with Linux and Amazon Web Services offer a wide range of services. A description of our capabilities is below:

  • Amazon Web Services: we have unique and expert level familiarity with EC2, Auto Scaling, RDS, CloudFormation, S3, CloudFront, ElasticBeanstalk
  • Programming Languages: we are willing to work in any programming language, but typically work with Python or Ruby.
  • Web and Application Servers: we’ve provided support and infrastructure consulting for many different applications being used in revenue generating capacities. Examples: geographically dispersed ad servers using Amazon’s Auto Scaling and DNS based load balancing.
  • Configuration Management: we have worked on projects utilizing Ansible, Puppet and Salt. We have unique experience with SaltStack, with one of our Engineers having contributed to the SaltStack project.
  • Databases: CloudAvail has worked with DyanmoDB, Mongo, MySQL and Riak.
  • Containers: we have experience with both Docker and Elastic Container Service – having performed three Docker/ECS deployments in 2016.


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