Amazon Adds Auto Scaling Support to AWS Management Console

Amazon makes Auto Scaling available in AWS Console

… and … two of my favorite Auto Scaling tricks …

I hope that exposing Auto Scaling in the console will increase adoption of Amazon’s Auto Scaling – using Amazon’s EC2 service without Auto Scaling is failing to leverage Amazon’s strongest offering. Here’s are two of my favorite Auto Scaling Group uses:

  1. use auto-scaling groups for everything – even single instances. Need to revert a machine to a pristine state? If your machine is part of a scaling group, you can use ec2-terminate-instances to terminate the dirty instance and then wait while Amazon provisions a pristine instance for your use.
  2. use auto-scaling groups to “go dark” – for instance if your entire QA environment is going to be unused for a period of time (end of December, for example) simply set min-size, max-size and desired-capaicty to 0 for each group. When you return in January, simply reset the groups to their original sizes. This is also an excellent way to test if your application can withstand an outage – if your application scales back after January as if nothing happened – you using Amazon right.

Here’s the link to Amazon’s announcement:

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