Much of our work has centered around build and release, scalability, server migrations and Amazon Web Services integration. Example projects are listed below:

Added VPC Support to Salt’s boto_* Modules

As an outcome of the project, our client was able to continue to use existing their existing infrastructure automation tooling for managing Amazon resources that were moved into VPC. Prior to the completion of this project, the Salt boto_* modules supported EC2-Classic only. The GitHub pull requests are available here:

  • 14732 – Add VPC Support in boto_secgroup Execution Module
  • 14772 – Add VPC Support in boto_secgroup State Module
  • 14601 – Add VPC Exists Support in boto_vpc Module
  • 14701 – Allow use of Security Group Names (instead of IDs) in Auto Scaling Groups
  • 15012 – Resolve issue where modules were failing due to old Boto versions
  • 15168 – Resolve issue with boto_secgroup module having dropped support for regions

In addition to modifying the existing modules, we added unit tests for the Salt boto_* execution modules, which reduced the testing cycle from hours to minutes and improved the reliability of the modules themselves.

Sale of Zimride to Enterprise Holdings, Inc

To prepare Zimride for sale to Enterprise Holding, Inc I was tasked with migrating Amazon Web Services resources and Google Apps for Business to entirely new accounts. The migration included the following:

  • Migration of all Amazon Web Services Resources to new AWS Account. This included a PuppetMaster server, Web servers, RDS Instances, CloudFront Distributions, S3 buckets.
  • Migration of all users to a new Google Apps for Business account. This included email, contacts, calendars, groups and services that authenticated against Google Apps.
  • Reconfiguration of applications to use new third party services such as Twilio, MaxMind and SendGrid.

Sale of NetShelter to Ziff Davis

To prepare NetShelter for sale to Ziff Davis I was contracted to migrate all server resources and configuration data to utilize a new company domain name. The migration included the following:

  • Migration of resources to new company naming standards.
  • Reconfiguration of over 600 servers to comply with naming standards.
  • Assessment of impact of changes on each service.

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